Express Waybills – Tips to ensure accuracy for fast delivery

Moving goods from one part of the world to another can sometimes be a challenge. The challenge builds up when there are multiple items being shipped from one location to another. The packages could get interchanged or get delivered to the wrong shipping address. However, the Express Waybilling system, that’s included for free with each Flyta shipment, helps tackle this challenge. In today’s modern business world, before you transport your shipment from one point to another - both locally and internationally, a waybill must be prepared. The waybill is a vital document which serves as proof of transaction between the freight company and the shipper. The waybill provides detailed instructions on the handling of the consignment, instructions related to the delivery of the shipment and the class of the item inside.

Basically, the waybill describes the point of origin i.e. where the shipment leaves from, it represents the route and various stops on the way to the destination. It also includes the name of the consignor and consignee.

The waybill provides a lot of useful information. Some include:

  • Serving as a freight bill
  • A receipt showing proof for the shipment
  • Instructions for handling the shipment and the delivery instructions
  • Evidence for the concluded carriage contract
  • Provides customs description for the items for faster shipping
  • Address of where the consignment is going

Consequences of incorrectly filled waybills:


When waybills are incorrectly filled out, the courier may have to place your item on hold to properly acquire the details for your shipment. Once resolved, the courier proceed with the shipment of your parcel to its destination.


If the waybill doesn’t contain accurate information, and the correct information is not received by the courier in a timely fashion, the courier may be forced to return the shipment back to the sender.


If consignments end up getting delayed due to incomplete or inaccurate waybill information – it may exceed the expectations set for the buyers. This could damage the image and reputation that the seller has built over time. Furthermore, some customers would request a refund due to the delay, causing the seller to see a dip in revenue and profit.

Waybill generation for international shipping – a few pointers:

A waybill must be completed for every shipment that you send – it helps ensure accurate, timely and secure delivery to your destination. Try to include the following details for best results:

  1. Payer’s account number
  2. Shipper’s account number
  3. Shipper’s contact name in full
  4. Shipper’s reference number
  5. Shipper’s email address and telephone number
  6. Shipper’s address including postal code
  7. Receiver’s address including postal code
  8. Shipment details including size and weight of each package
  9. Description of contents and quantities of each package
  10. Characteristics of the goods being exported or imported including the actual value of the shipment
  11. Signed and dated by the shipper
  12. All waybills have an expiration date. They cannot be used past the stated expiration date.