Is there anything better than getting a sale? Probably not, but there is something much worse—prepping that sale for shipping. And when your product is fragile, heavy, big or awkward, packing it properly can be stressful, expensive and messy (sometimes literally) especially when you’re trying to keep the volumetric weight down (you should check out our other blog on that). 

Here are a few things to consider to keep your packaing effective and the costs down. 

Ship in smaller boxes whenever possible

As long as your shipment isn’t fragile, use a box that your shipment fits perfectly in, or use large envelopes. Not only is this a better option economically, it’s better environmentally too!

Avoid over packaging

The general rule of thumb for packing fragile goods is to allow two inches of space on all sides. Any more space between your item and the box will only add to the cost of the shipment. Another trick is to use tissue paper instead of newspaper. They’re both equally effective but newspaper will add more to the weight of the package.

Avoid over spending

If your cost is reflected by the volumetric weight, then you might as well save money on your padding. Your first step in saving money on padding is shopping online. That’s where all the deals are. Uline is a great source for shipping supplies from boxes, tape, bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

Find the point of intersection

If you’re shipping a heavier fragile item, ship with a box that has a volumetric weight equal to the weight of the item and get the most bang for your buck.

Keep it a secret

It is proven that boxes labeled “fragile” or “insured” are more likely to be handled carelessly. As long as your shipment is packed safely, your package will remain secure even when incognito.

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