Our mothers and fathers and their parents before them would visit the post office to send off their mail, packages and parcels to whoever’s name was written. They would sit in traffic just to stand in line. 

You can still do that today if you want. You can visit the UPS or FedEx store, or even go to any Shoppers Drug Mart with a CanadaPost kiosk. But why would you?

Back then and still today, shipping can be a very disconnected thing, and when more and more shoppers today are walking out of the brick and mortar of a physical store and moving to the copy and code of an online one, shipping needs to keep up with the connectivity.

It's the digital age, the age of information, of instant gratification… 

…and having been born in the prime of it, Flyta is deeply embedded with the values of the era. With a constant growth in the e-commerce world, any consumer with a data plan or a password to a wifi network has access to foreign shopping. And even when buying something from the other side of the globe, consumers expect that those digital age values are practiced.

Two of the key principals of the digital age (already written in the big, bold letters above) are information and gratification, and both need to be instant. Like what Netflix found, people don’t want to wait for their show’s next episode. We want to binge on our entertainment. 

That’s instant gratification. 

Google did something similar. The power of answering nearly every question that comes up. They even turned their own brand into a verb: “Just Google it.”

That’s instant information (also instant gratification with good internet speed)

Flyta knows instant gratification and instant information is just as crucial in the shipping world as it is in streaming and search engines. With cheap domestic and cheap international shipping being our primary proposition, express shipping (instant gratification) and detailed tracking (instant information) come in a close second. 

Track your package and get notified about issues in real time

Most couriers require the vendor to visit their site and insert your tracking number so you can view the status of your shipment. But that’s where it ends. It’s just a status. That’s only redeeming half of the instant information value. I see that my shipment has been sitting in Bangkok for a day, but why has it been sitting in Bangkok for a day? Who needs to know about this to clear the package? Customs and import officials in different countries have varying thresholds for holding a package for inspection. How do you present your shipment information to speed up or even avoid such an inspection? This is the kind of information we’re talking about.

At Flyta we take proactive measures to make sure that critical shipping information like the above is communicated both to the shipper and recipient to avoid and minimize delays with processing at the border. This is just one of many ways we are reducing the friction in international trade.

So, what can we ship for you today?

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